S3E37 - Tabletop RPGs - “Imagination Adventure Calvinball”

Tabletop RPGs
In this episode:
  • This week we discuss where we currently stand with tabletop RPGs.  Beej got a recent chance to start up a regular group again and accidentally fell into the GM role.  Void is super interested in the possibilities of tabletop gaming and has tried some home brew options.
Weekly Geekery
  • BJ cancelled WoW but picked up SWTOR again and dove deep into other Star Wars stuff like Galaxy of Heroes, the Order 66 Podcast, Legends of the Galaxy, the Rebels sourcebook, and the Ahsoka novel.
  • Void is probably still obsessed with Spider-Man, although it’s impossible to know with this time-shifted episode.  He also watched some WWII movies, Oceans 8, got around to trying the Megaman 11 demo, and finally got his hands on the early access version of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game (or LotR LCG if you prefer).
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