S2E4 - Geeky Knick-Knacks and Toys to Life - “Bedroom walls full of memorabilia”

Geeky Knick-Knacks and Toys to Life
In this episode:
  • Geeks love toys. And collecting things. It’s just kind of what we do. So we wanted to talk about that for a while, and really dig in deep about the kind of knick-knacks that we keep around us at all times, those that are special, and the kinds we just don’t care about.
  • Void is very particular about what he collects, and Beej is now. He used to be a “gimme all the stuff” kind of person, while Void has always been more pragmatic about the kinds of collectibles he buys. But you folks could have probably guessed that.
  • Knick-knacks don’t always have to be physical, either. We talk about collecting in games, such as Pokemon and MMO items, getting ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy and things like that. Do we finish games all the way and feel as though we need to get every single thing we can?
  • And nowadays, there’s a huge surge in toys-to-life products. Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Amiibo, Lego Dimensions. All of these are huge money sinks, but they’re also fun to play. We talk about the line between collecting and playability, as well as the intrinsic value the toys add to the games themselves.
  • For te most part, Void keeps a few geeky knick-knacks on his desk, and he wears oodles of geeky t-shirts. What’s also very cool is that he has a bathroom in his house decorated in Penny Arcade comics. That’s awesome. Beej is actually selling off a lot of his old collection, and only trying to keep the things that really matter. He decorates his office in things that mean something to him, much like Void did his bathroom.
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