S2E3 - Mini Topic Grab Bag - “She is not a Jedi... yet”

Mini Topic Grab Bag
In this episode:
  • We get so many comments and questions from you guys that we wanted to take this opportunity to address some of them. We take notes on them, so we put the ones together that we didn’t think we’d be able to pull together a full episode around.
  • The topics we discuss this time are pretty varied, but we think you will enjoy them--mainly because you suggested them! It was so much fun recording this episode. So keep those comments and suggestions coming!
What we talk about:
  • The uncanny valley in movies, games, and other media
  • General game design, including pet peeves, the best examples of single aspects, Bartle’s taxonomy, and the cost of games over the years.
  • Digital copies vs physical copies of games
  • Who’s our favorite Jedi?
  • Products, games, and media that we just want to love, but don’t.
  • Morality in roleplaying games. This turned into a very interesting discussion about gaming personalities and our real-life personalities.
  • Thoughts on Knights of the Old Republic, including KOTOR, KOTOR 2, and SWTOR.
  • You know you want to hear our thoughts on Mario Kart. Because Mario Kart.
  • We both love cyberpunk. We talk about movies and books and games. Is Neuromancer really incomprehensible? How many versions of Blade Runner have we seen? And do androids dream of electric sheep for real? LISTEN TO FIND OUT!
  • How have Podcasts and Netflix changed how we watch or listen to shows, especially based on release schedules?
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