I always like to feel like I'm making progress in life.  It's not just my career or family life, this extends into my hobbies as well.  I always have multiple things that I'm working my way through.

Generally, I have a game I'm playing, a TV show that I'm watching, a book that I'm reading, and a skill that I'm learning.  At any given time in the past 10 or so years I guarantee that I could name all four of those thing for you at the drop of a hat.  Every night I make some progress on one of those things.

Even when I have a "lazy day" I know that one of those will move along a little bit.  Does anyone else find themselves in the same mindset?  I find that I literally can't sit in front of a TV and just watch random stuff all day.  I feel like I'm not making progress on anything that counts and it drives me crazy.

Right now I'm finishing up watching Game of Thrones Season 1 again.  I'm in the middle of reading A Clash of Kings (Song of Ice and Fire Book 2).  I'm playing through both Final Fantasy III and Dishonored, depending on my mood.  And I'm learning Javascript with the help of a book and a fantastic website called Code Academy.

What type of things do you make progress on when you have free time?


  1. I'm trying to play through my library of games. be honest, it's sucking the fun out of them. Playing to "get them done" is a buzzkill. It's just not the same when "play" time is regimented. That's part of why I don't like Achievements and rep grinds. *shrug*

    I hear you, and it's a mindset I slip easily into sometimes... but I find I don't like it.

    1. I guess for me it's not something that I'm trying to "get through" it's just something I'm working on. If I'm not having fun with something I'll drop it. I don't have a lot of free time, and I want to enjoy the time I get.

  2. I have gotten away from that mindset in the last few years, so I am starting to try to capture it. I am making progress in my master's degree, by summer I will be close to halfway done. Also making progress in learning a new skill, or rather re-learning Adobe In Design. I also try to make progress in my Dark Age of Camelot and wow toons.


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