Pointing and Clicking and Walking and Dying

I've never been much of an adventure game fan.  All that pointing and clicking didn't hold much appeal for me.  The stories were too slow and the puzzles too obtuse to enjoy.  Every time I played an adventure game I felt like I would rather be reading the story in a book or playing a more active version of the game.

This all changed when my brother convinced me to play The Walking Dead.  I have never played an adventure game like it.  For the first time ever I was drawn in and captivated by all the pointing and clicking.

But there is so much more to The Walking Dead than just that.  There are truly meaningful decisions and the most difficult moral choices that I've ever made in a game.  In an undead apocalypse who can you really trust and what are you willing to do to survive?  I made a lot of decisions that seemed like the best idea at the time but ended up with unforeseen consequences.

I want to give so many amazing examples from my playthrough, but this is a truly a game I don't want to spoil for anyone.  My simple recommendation is to play this game.  It's definitely not for the faint of heart but it's worth it to see the power a game can have when the decisions are difficult and everything is morally grey.


  1. I really dislike zombie games, but as a lover of story-based games and point and click adventures I guess I'll have to suck it up and grab this one.

    1. It's much more about the humans in a post zombie world. The zombies are more of a backdrop for the rest of the story to play out. It's not like a Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, it's about story.

  2. One of my workstudies keeps telling me how awesome this game is. I need to give it a shot sometime and really get into it, myself. Jake--my workstudy--was talking about how emotionally invested you get in it, and I was sold.

    1. That's pretty much right on. I was so invested in the characters that I had to finish the series.


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