Newbie Blogger Initiative

Start writing!  This month Syp is organizing a Newbie Blogger Initiative and all are welcome to be a part.  This is your chance to start a blog and get a ton of support from the blogging community.  If you've ever thought about seriously starting a blog or just trying it out to see if you would like it then this is the perfect month to start.

There's a forum set up here that will have helpful information as the month goes along.  It seems like there's going to be a lot of support, so don't be shy, ask for some advice or help on the forum.  A lot of the bloggers pitching in are from the gaming community, but any blog is welcome.

If you want to get started blogging I would recommend using Blogger or Wordpress.  Both of them have free versions and are fairly painless to set up.  Blogger is a little easier to use if you're new to having a web site while Wordpress has a ton of extra plugins and customization options that you can use farther down the road if you feel like it.  It doesn't matter what you use, just have fun writing.

All of the bloggers supporting this initiative are going to write advice posts this month, including me.  For now let me give you the best advice I have:

Just write.

Don't worry about your quality or quantity.  Don't worry too much about grammer or punctuation.  Just get some words on the page and publish your first post.  Worry about refinement later.


  1. The one thing that makes me sad is that the Newbie Blogger Initiative is so focused on MMOs. This is something all bloggers could use.


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