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I haven't had a lot to post about lately.  I've been mostly just killing time by playing League of Legends and Red Orchestra 2.  League I've already talked about in depth and I'm still not sure what I think about RO2.  It's a WWII game set on the Russia/German front that's a lot more realistic than most first persons shooters.  I'm hoping my brother will do a write up for A Green Mushroom on it soon, since he's had more hands on time with the game than I have.

Gears of War 3 is releasing tomorrow, and I'm very excited for it.  I'm not expecting anything new or groundbreaking.  I'm just looking forward to playing a series I love that's been polished to perfection.  All the reviews I've seen have been positive.  It's also a great excuse to get someone to sit down and play couch co-op with me.

On the MMO front I'm starting to feel twinges of interest in Guild Wars 2.  That's saying a lot since I still feel burned out on MMOs from my last stint in Azeroth.  SWTOR is looking more and more like a WoW clone with an interesting license, but GW2 seems to actually be doing some new things.  I'll keep my eye on it.

To make up for my absence, I come bearing this awesome link.  Read the article.  I know it's Cracked and it's supposed to be humor/satire, but a lot of the points hit home with me since I'm now a husband, father, full-time worker, and a gamer.  While I don't think I'm getting too old for gaming, as the article claims, it does bring up some valid points.  As I'm settling into my adult life I'm treating gaming differently then I used to.  Anyway, check that one out.


  1. Thumbs up on the article. And yes, most of the points ring true. We're getting too old for this shit!

    Speaking of MMOs, are you playing any right now?

  2. I haven't been playing any MMOs at all. They've all been feeling the same to me and just can't hold my interest. That's why I was really surprised to find myself excited for GW2.


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