My Newborn Gaming Partner

 Very baby friendly.

With the newborn's crazy schedule I haven't been able to play games as much lately.  I was completely expecting it, and I'm fine with it.  I know her sleep schedule will even out and I'll have more time to myself soon.  This doesn't mean I haven't found any time to play games.

A few weeks ago my game of choice was StarCraft 2 multiplayer.  Multiplayer is much more difficult when taking care of a baby, because she could need attention at any time.  Instead, I switched back to single player games that let me pause and save at any point.  That pause button means that I can game and take care of my daughter at the same time.  It's wonderful.

I gave in and bought Halo Reach because I wanted a new single player game.  I beat the campaign and I'm going to go back to play through it on Legendary.  I also picked up Civilization V this morning and I'll dive into it this afternoon.  Civ V is a turn based strategy game that should let me get my strategy fix while conforming to my schedule.  I've really enjoyed the past Civilization games so I have high hopes for the newest incarnation.

Newborns love strategy games.

I'm thinking of revisiting some of my favorite single player games and probably picking up a handful of fall releases too.  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, The Force Unleashed II, and Fable III are all on my new release radar.  A revisit of Mass Effect 2 or finishing up Red Dead Redemption are also possibilities.  Maybe I'll finally go back and complete my game of Dragon Age Origins too.

I would love some more single player game suggestions from all of you.  They'll definitely be my focus until the baby gets on a consistent schedule, which could take awhile.  Leave me some suggestions in the comments!


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