This blog is a place for me to write down my thoughts on the world of gaming or any other subject that may catch my attention. Playing and discussing video games has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. Although I hope to get comments and generate discussion, A Green Mushroom is mainly a spot for me to write about what I love, games.

I intend to do a little bit of everything.  Expect reviews, impressions, current games, past games, discussion of features, content creation, single-player, multi-player, competitive gaming, cooperative gaming, strategy, and wild speculation.  I'll cover the world of gaming based on whatever has my attention at the time.

Gaming has been a lifelong hobby but I also have a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Psychology.  Don't be surprised to see posts about the media or interacting with people, since they are both subjects that I love.

The future of media is always changing and new mediums are being introduced all the time.  With the rise of the internet and social media the way we are obtaining information is shifting rapidly.  Along with new technology comes a new generation of tech savvy people who relate to each other in new and interesting ways.  We don't relate the same way our parents did and I'm sure our children will differ just as much.  I'd like to dabble in writing about that as well.

No matter what I write about I hope you enjoy reading A Green Mushroom.


To contact me send e-mails to agreenmushroom AT gmail DOT com

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