Friday, April 8, 2016

Geek to Geek S1E5 - Like Lucky Charms For My Nerd Brain

In this episode:
  • We talk about comics - yay! We discuss our history with comics, our friends who got us into certain comics, and how much we love digital comics.
  • We also talk about our favorite comics and give you recommendations:
    • Void
      • Wayward
      • Rat Queens
      • Kanan: The Last Padawan
      • Mary Jane / Mary Jane loves Spider Man / Spider Man Loves Mary Jane
      • Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men
        • Issues 1-24, bonus double-sized issue
      • Thor
        • Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1 - The God Butcher
        • Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 2 - Godbomb
    • Beej
      • J. Michael Straczynski, writer
        • Rising Stars (24 issues, 3 volumes)
        • Midnight Nation
        • Amazing Spider-man
      • CrossGen
        • Scion
      • Ms. Marvel
      • The Ultimates and The Ultimates 2
        • Do not read The Ultimates 3. It is bad.
  • Weekly Geekery:
  • Health Hack: Starting to run? Don’t be afraid of walking when you need to.

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Music by CarboHydroM

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